2019 Calendar Response

Dear Redemption Prison Ministry,

I hope that everyone is doing great.  I woke up once more today in this dark and crippling place, prison, and once again after a night of nightmares over lost freedom and loved ones, your calendar soothed me.  Too many regard calendars as trivial things that just decorate a fridge or wall with photos they think define them.  I am blessed with your 2019 calendars which does not define me but rather, gives me hope as to who I can be.  It gives me hope for the future. The Scripture is encouraging and the photos give me an escape.  I can hear the cold waves crashing into the stones and driftwood, painting them with more layers of ice.  I can smell the mountain air, the breeze off the lake.  I do not know where the photos were taken but I know where they take me and it is outside these walls to a world of possibilities.  Thank you for helping me through this living hell.


*names have been changed to protect confidentiality