Letter from Prison

Grace and peace be multiplied unto you.  As always I am very thankful for your words of encouragement and enlightenment that I always receive back from you with my corrected lessons.  I must however emphasize that I was truly and extremely enlightened by your explanation of my question about “working out your salvation.” After reading your note, I am much more enlightened thanks to you (through God’s direction), I am able to share this enlightenment with my fellow cell mates as we endeavor to read and study God’s word together.

Secondly, once again, thanks also for your great enlightenment on “the Kingdom of God”.  I have truly struggled with this for a long time, lacking the true understanding, but once again, your note of information has shed a much greater light on this amazing narrative’ The coming of God’s Kingdom”.

I do have one question, what is meant by the church reaching to maturity? Thank you in advance for your words of enlightenment to my questions.

In Christ, your student Walter