Redemption Prison Ministry

Our Staff

For the Lord hears the needy and does not despise his own people who are prisoners. Psalm 69:33

National Office
Hans VanDoodewaard - National Executive Director

Since 1990 Hans has been involved with managing business and people. He has a BCS (Biology/Psychology) from Redeemer University College in Hamilton Ontario.

Serving since 2008 as the national Executive Director, his heartfelt desire is to continue to administer the work of Redemption Prison Ministry for the sake of the gospel. Seeking the blessing of the Lord, he is furthering the work of Redemption Prison Ministry in reaching out to those who are incarcerated in Canadian prisons.

Jennifer - Office Receptionist
Regional Ministers
Reverend Rudy de Vries - Ontario Region

During his seminary studies from 1992 until 1996, Rudy de Vries began his involvement in prison ministry by leading regular in-prison Bible studies and chapel services as a volunteer.  Simultaneously he was also grading Bible correspondence courses for inmates.

It was while Rudy was involved in that ministry and while finishing up at seminary, that he was asked to direct the ministry of Redemption Prison Ministry (formerly Cornerstone Bible Institute) at its inception in 1996. In his current pastoral role since 2008, Pastor Rudy’s desire is to be used by God in the lives of Canadian prisoners and this continues to grow with every visit and new inmate contact.

Reverend Richard Vander Vaart - Atlantic Region

Our Atlantic Region minister as of 2019 is Reverend Richard Vander Vaart. Pastor Richard has many years of ministry experience and served in various pastoral settings including chaplaincy.

Pastor Richard knows God has given him gifts to serve those who are in prison. As the Apostle John says ” a man can receive nothing unless it has been given to him from heaven. You yourselves bear me witness, that I said, ‘I am not the Christ, but I have been sent before him.’ John 3:27-28. It is this focus that guides Pastor Richard’s work in the Atlantic Region prisons.

Reverend Marty Slingerland - Pacific Region

Our Pacific Region minister since 2013, Reverend Marty Slingerland has a BA in Criminal Justice along with his Masters of Divinity degree. Prior to and during his seminary studies his involvement in prison ministry began with volunteer visits in the local prisons and jails seeking to be a listening ear to those inside.

Pastor Marty knows that God has given him a heartfelt desire to minister to all those who are either incarcerated or are now on the street seeking to reintegrate back into church and society.

Reverend Mitchell Ramkissoon - Prairie Region

Our newest representative is Pastor Mitch who is our Prairie Region prison Pastor as of June 2020. He comes to us with many years of pastoral ministry experience in church settings.

Pastor Mitch looks forward to building close relationships with those who are in prison whether staff or inmates. His desire is that the light of the Gospel would shine brightly in all that he says and does.

Board Members
Peter Wright - President
John Voorhorst - Vice-President
Jim Koopman - Treasurer
Rev. Hank Van der Woerd - Secretary
Henry Heikoop - General Member
Spiritual Advisors
Dr. Joseph A. Pipa Jr.
Dr. Benjamin Short
Rev. Dick Wynia
Rev. Steve Swets